Friday, June 24, 2011

I just connected everything through PING and I hope it works!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freeman makes industry-changing deal with Wheelhouse Solution

LAS VEGAS — In an announcement that will change how some general contractors will conduct business, Freeman and Wheelhouse Solutions announced today that Freeman will has acquired Wheelhouse, an experiential marketing services firm comprised of three companies – Champion Exposition Services, George Fern Company and Immersa Marketing.
Freeman acquires Wheelhouse SolutionsJoe Popolo, CEO of Freeman and  Wheelhouse CEO, Bob Priest-Heck made the announcement that was posted onto YouTube and can be be viewed on Trade Show Expo's website as well by clicking this link..
The combination of these two companies will form the premier experiential marketing firm, operating under the Freeman name.
As of today, Champion will be integrated into Freeman. Fern, a leading exposition services company, and Immersa, a leading experientialmarketing agency, will operate as individual brands under Freeman.
There had been talks of this acquistion for days but not much could be found on the Internet until today. Calling this the next step to the future on its company blog, Freeman bring together a large group of industry talent that will be sure to change the face-to-face industry in Las Vegas and across the country.
Perhaps it was the recession that triggered tallks of this decision but it goes to show how the industry is evolving.
Other companies may wondering who they can team up with to provide better customer service and keep their piece of the industry pie. It is a good move for Champion and Fern but only time will tell if this acquistion will be accepted by the unions and trade show managers.