Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Think of Mother Earth this week

I hope everyone has a great Earth Day week where ever you may be.

It seems these days that no matter where you look or what you read, you will see a message to help "Green" your trade show, personal life or working environment. I am all for a better world, cleaner water and recyclable exhibits.

I do what I can to help reduce waste but I know it is never enough. While walking my dogs on weekends I try to pick up discarded aluminum cans along the way and toss them into my growing pile inside my garage. It may be no more than a dime worth of aluminum, but I feel better for pick up cans while getting a little exercise with my two canine buddies.

I seem to be getting more e-mail about companies that are Going Green or continue Being Green and its good to read about conventions centers reducing waste.

This week I received an e-mail from Nimlok, a top display and trade show exhibit company.
"'Going green' is much more than a trend at Nimlok," said Simon Perutz, president of Nimlok. "It's our long-standing commitment to a business philosophy that is at the core of everything we have done for the last 37 years and what we will continue to do in the future."

In the US, and through its sister company near London, Nimlok, has set the pace in the exhibit industry by producing sustainable display and exhibit solutions. Reusability, use of recyclable content, reduction of harmful compounds and waste, and a system-wide approach to environmental responsibility underscore Nimlok's long-standing comprehensive commitment to green concerns, according to the press release.

In 2007, Nimlok initiated an exhibit recycling program, designed to keep old exhibits out of landfill sites. At the end of an exhibit's life, clients are invited to return it to Nimlok. Nimlok will then sort the components by content and return them to the recycle stream, at no additional cost to its clients. It is yet another facet of the total exhibiting solution that Nimlok provides.

Nimlok has also developed a "green" logo that is featured on all their green products, such as Velocity. A combination of the Nimlok logo and a symbol of the recycling stream, it makes the statement: Exhibiting Waste Reduction Since 1970. To read more about Nimlok efforts, CLICK HERE!
Recently, Sherwin-Williams unveiled a green trade show booth that displays products and environmental initiatives.

Sherwin-Williams, a leading provider of green products in the coatings industry, has taken its commitment a step further by unveiling an environmentally preferable trade show booth. The display, developed in collaboration with Opus Design, showcases the company's green products and environmental initiatives through innovative construction. Click here to read more.
From what I can tell, there are plenty of other companies doing their part to help the environment. Too many to mention in this space but send us your Green news and we'll do our best to share it with our readers.