Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tag — You're it

Exhibitor2011 seemed a bit busier this year than in recent years. This is good news for the industry and good news for Las Vegas

The booths were lively and the aisles were busy with people conducting face-to-face business. It was good to see so much activity on the showfloor at Mandalay Bay this week.

I always look forward to walking the aisle during show hours of the annual face-to-face marketing event here in Las Vegas.

Traffic slowed down a bit on the third and final day of the show floor but it is hard to blame attendees from slowing down their pace after hours and hours of education sessions while checking out newest trends and products in the trade show industry. There are more sessions on Thurday but the show floor is closed for this year.

What caught my attention most was the use of scanable tags on graphics, post cards and T-shirts. I spent a good deal of time pointing my smartphone to view the marketing messages posted on YouTube and company websites. Technology has come a long way but I wonder how many actually take the time to point and scan.

SeQRets on your smart phone allows you to scan barcodes (QR/UPC/EAN) in real time and link to websites, photos and videos, contact cards, Geo locations, and product information such as descriptions and prices with links to online retailers.

It is a nifty and high-tech marketing device exhibitors and companies are making much more use of today. I can't read a magazine without coming across a few tags and yes, I pull out my iPHone and scan most of the then when I have the time.

If you don't want to take the time to scan the tag you can always take a photo of the tag and save it for later. I managed to save some of the images but I may have missed some of the tags. I like scanning the tags but I need to learn how to organize and bookmark all the tags I come across. 

Overall, I walked away with lots of good information and I was able to meet many new people. Several exhibitors were recognized for their exhibit or product. See the link below to read more. I look forward to seeing everyone return to Las Vegas for the Exhibitor2012.