Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Las Vegas commute aches

I know it has been a while since I posted the first blog here on this site, but this is a new idea and new ideas take time to work out the kinks. Time is at a minimum when working a job and dealing with a young Internet business. Trade Show Expo is anxious to know what your world is like and I am willing to give a few details about mine.

I work at a magazine near the convention center. I live in a home past one of the last highway turnoffs before heading toward Mount Charleston and no where. The commute is never easy. Today the traffic was extra-horrible as I approached the L.V. Strip. It is hard enough just getting to the Strip but getting past it has been a challenge lately. Construction and lane closures on both Desert Inn and Spring Mountain have created a nightmare near the Fashion Mall and any where on Las Vegas Blvd. from Sahara and Flamingo. Yet, this is the path I must take to reach my destination.

I do get to listen to the A.M. for redundant news reports and uselessly-late traffic reports. I hear some scores and I listen to the Deejays rant and discuss the latest in Idol gossip. The same commercials. The same Iraq reports and more sound bits of why the President is losing more points in the polls. Then I hit the brakes when a mile a cars are waiting for the lights to change to cross Las Vegas Blvd. A four-minute route now takes 15-20 minutes depending on how aggressive I am behind the wheel.

I should take a camera along and take photos while sitting there staring at the line of cars fighting to inch forward.

I take some comfort in the fact that a few other co-workers are also having trouble dealing with the commute and wondering why it is so hard for traffic to run smoother.